Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lake Tahoe Ho!

Since whatever plan we had went out the window days ago, we headed northwest towards Lake Tahoe.  We popped into the main town for lunch (Jalisco, Mexican joint), laundry, and groceries.  We killed a few hours and were blown away by the hoards that flock to this oasis on the California/Nevada border.  I get the draw, but it draws too many people, thus killing the outdoor experience we love.

 We wound our way around the lake, past Emerald Cove and made our way westbound towards the Rubicon trail.  We knew we didn't want the actual Rubicon trail because we didn't want to kill ourselves or our rigs, but the trusty (cough, sarcasm, cough) trail book assured us a moderate trail could be found, offering off site camping.  I'd like to find out what their idea of moderate it, because how they defined moderate trails in Colorado are completely different than how they made them in California. 
After a bit, we found a tight spot next to Miller Lake.  It was chilly, wrought with mosquitos, but perfect all at the same time.  We would happily call this campsite home for two nights.

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