Monday, March 24, 2014

Over-nighting in Young

Life has been hectic recently.  We needed to unwind.  What better way to do that than to camp and bebop off road.  We loaded up the dogs and trailer and with friends following behind, we headed towards Young.  We had it in our head that we wanted to camp at Reynolds Creek again.  Reynolds Creek had other ideas.  All of the camp sites that would accommodate two trailers were taken.

Bummed out, we kept on over the mountain.  Several bike trips ago, we took a break at a road that we wanted to explore.  So we soldiered on and found Cherry Creek Road (NF-203).  It was getting late, kids and adults were getting hungry, so we took a forgotten road to a bluff to set up camp.

We set up the new Tag-a-long tent onto the awning, laid out our new rug and settled in for some relaxing….while Pete and Mandy set up their Taj Ma Tent complex.

I sat down to read a magazine.  Finished reading and turned around to see this:

When in Rome….we napped for a little while.  When we woke, we explored the area around our campsite with the dogs.

The kids and I enjoyed a nice sunset while Mike bugged Mandy to start dinner.  Oven baked biscuits with chili, while camping.

Elly was terrible all night, refusing to sleep.  So after a restless night, a quick breakfast (thank you again, Mandy) and a lengthly clean up, Mike convinced Pete to take Cherry Creek Road out.  

Cherry Creek Road was 36 miles of awesome.  Gorgeous scenery, great road and perfect weather.  

Of course we stopped at the first stream crossing.  Rommel swam for a few minutes, the kids played, and Mike and I wandered, finding a cabin tucked in the woods.

Several streams crossed the road throughout our drive.  We spooked Ol' Bessy at one and chased her down the mountain.

Several hours and not as many miles later, we stopped for lunch.  Thank goodness for leftovers because I was not anticipating eating lunch on the trail today. 

After making mental notes of several potential future camping spots, we descended out of the tress and back into the brush and saguaros.

We criss-crossed the creek several times.  The vibrant greens of the trees thriving on the tiny creek popped off the tan and brown of the hills and mountains.

The road evened and smoothed out.  We stopped to air up the tires several miles from pavement.  The dogs settled down for a good nap on the way out.  We were blessed with a beautiful sunset on our drive.  A wonderful way to end the day. 

We arrived home later than expected but it was worth the extra time on the trail with my wonderful little family.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Good Guys Spring National

Good Guys came back to Arizona.  And of course we had to go.  We worked Friday, had a wedding on Saturday, so we spent most of today (Sunday) walking the grounds.   This time mom and Mackenzie joined our motley crew.

Right at the gate we noticed far less people.  The D team was behind the wheel on the auto cross course.  And there was about ¼ of the cars as there were the last time we were here.  While it made for less eye candy, it wasn't nearly as overwhelming.

This time I only took 180 pictures, and focused more on details than on whole car shots.

Chevelle stripes

Blue Camaros

We noticed that the Graham owner had the same issue we have with the KTM.  
Q: "Who makes it?"
A: "Graham"
Q: "Yea, but who makes it"

I love me some hood ornaments.  I liked the Pontiac so much it will be featured twice.


And, as you all know by now, I have a soft spot for teardrop trailers.

Some people take custom to a whole new level….


The owner of this car, leant it to a friend to auto cross.  It lived up to its name as during a spin out it ate a cone and took it along for the rest of the run.

Here's my hubby, excited to be allowed inside the Bondurant Corvette

Lots of beautiful custom paint…


The owner of a 1920 Dodge truck got a giant Liberty dollar in the mail.  Of course he immediately put in on his fire wall.  

These two beauties were hanging out together.

I can't say I was sad there were less cars today.  The sun was very hot today, and we were still on our feet for six hours.  But all five of us had a good day.  And day spent with family and cars is a good day.