Friday, April 13, 2012

The Rubicon's Maiden Voyage

After a long week at work, full of shouting at trainees, we needed a morning of decompression. Plus it was my 5th year anniversary in the Patrol. An excuse to celebrate! The Rubicon has only been used to get to and from work and we've been itching to take her own her maiden voyage off road. The weather was perfect, so we took part of the top off and enjoyed the breeze and sun. Our original plan was to head to Box Canyon. We headed off to Florence (reference excited Elly above) and were bummed when we saw the extreme amount of traffic on the road we needed because of Country Thunder. (insert annoyed face here) so instead we detoured to our old staple, the Florence/Kelvin highway. Since we worked all night, heading all the way to Superior was out of the question, but a side trip to Cochran sounded perfect.
Taggers should be shot for ruining this natural wonder.
The kiddos enjoyed the break in the heat.
Back in the Jeep towards Cochran.
A tight squeeze towards the "river".
Rommel wasn't thrilled that we wouldn't let him in the water. But there were not going to be wet and muddy dogs in my new Jeep. Not yet anyway. A small snack, and we headed back towards home.
An excellent way to christen the Jeep. A perfect way to start our weekend..