Sunday, August 23, 2015

Waterslide Fun 2015

It's that time of year again, where the adults and dogs highjack the rented water slide to play.  Its been brutally hot this week and we've been looking forward to this.  The slide this year featured a twist at the end that was quite fun.  The dogs had a blast.

The slide had a leak so Elly and the other hounds found comfort in the shady mud.

Elly was kind of a kill joy today but Rommel made the best of the slide and the wading pool at the bottom.

 Our pitbull friends were self sufficient and were able to make their way up the ladder without aid.

At several points, Elly got lippy and hollered at Rommel.  She wanted him to play with her in the mud, he wasn't complying.  This shot made me laugh.  He's looking at me like "what is her malfunction?"

And without further ado, a video of our fun:

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Monsoon of the Year

The last few monsoon seasons have been mediocre.  Last night topped every storm I have ever experienced.  60+ MPH winds tore through the area.  I wasn't sure that our American flag would survive the storm, but good ol' American craftsmanship prevailed.  It rained side ways and instantly filled every wash. We were land locked by our terrain.  Washes on both sides of the house over flowed, trapping us.

Our shared drive flows during an active rain storm.  Apparently so does our actual driveway, as seen on the left.  And a small lightning tail peeking through on the right side.

 Once the storm pushed north, it was safe and dry enough for me to step outside and try to capture the amazing light show that was going on.  I took hundreds of pictures and wound up with 3 usable ones.  I really need to invest in the timer/remote I've been eyeing for my camera.  It would've made the process easier.

Photographing lightning is tough without proper equipment.  This storm made me realize how badly I need some camera additions.  I LOVE STORMS!

My favorite shot of the evening:

The storm pushed north and slammed Phoenix.  Within an hour, the washes went down, but my road was full of storm debris.  Friends lost trees and had damaged cars, so I think we fared well.

Bring it on Arizona, I want more storms like this!