Monday, March 30, 2015

Springtime Sunset

It's been non-stop house stuff since January.  Every weekend is consumed with updates, repairs, additions, wiring, painting, building....  It's been months since we had an adventure, or a break.  And we really do love it here.  It's been important to get these things done before the oppressive summer heat arrives.

But, the new house has its perks.  We have space, quiet, views and dark, star studded evening skies.  And while not every sunset is worthy, this one was.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dump Truck Planter

New house means loads of projects.  All of the heavy projects are time consuming and irritating. Once in a while I need a tiny project - instant gratification.

A few years back, Mike's mom sent over an old dump truck that he played with as a child.  It was a rusted, beat up, well used.  Not too long ago, while browsing Pinterest (yes, I'm on Pinterest.  Deal with it.), I saw a succulent garden inside an old toy truck.

Today, I made it happen.  I bought some sealant and after drilling drain holes, I sealed the whole truck. Then I planted some succulents, added some river rock and watered it.

Now this cool little dude is chilling on my back patio.