Monday, February 20, 2017

Rainy Mountain Top

So I'm packing my bags for the misty mountains where the spirits now go....
-Led Zeppelin-

We met up with our newest overlanding friends for another Jeep trip.  This time we'd camp overnight.  Mike and I picked the area and decided to show everyone Superior.  It has been several years since we've explored the area and the first time we would do so in the Jeep.  This was a favorite spot for us to take the KTM.

And of course they forecasted rain for the whole weekend.

I was bummed about the weather, but it started out just overcast and we all got to play in the water.

We made our way up the Montana Mountain Loop on the north side of highway 60.  It was glorious.

Brett and Liz of @ourovelandlife caught a great shot of Mike and I leading the way.

We climbed the switchbacks.  Slow and steady.

I had camera problems but made the best of the trip with my long lens and iPhone.

The higher we climbed, the quicker we approached the weather.  The fog rolled over the mountain top, obstructing the amazing views the area offers.

We hit the top of the mountain in early afternoon.  Traveling with five rigs (two towing trailers) meant a large campsite.  We found one of two spots large enough for all of us and quickly deployed tents and canopies.  Elly parked herself in the teardrop and didn't leave it till morning.  Rommel spent the evening hanging with us until the water soaked through the mats we had out.

The Foxwings were deployed just in time for the rain.  And it rained and rained.  All night.  We packed ten people under our Foxwing.  Set up two propane fire pits and enjoyed each others company. Beer was consumed, steaks and veggies were enjoyed.  It was a great evening.

We woke to more rain.  In fact, we don't think it ever stopped since the afternoon prior.  While breakfast was cooked, the rain would shift to snow every once in a while.

We contemplated staying an additional night, but the kids tent got soaked through from condensation.  So we packed up in the rain and headed out into the fog.

Look closely - there are Jeeps/FJ in the fog

It quickly became apparent we would be chasing water down the mountain.  The desert is AMAZING in the rain.

We saw many waterfalls on our way down, but this one warranted a stop.  Several of us braved the rain to hike out to it.

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The rain slowly faded, but the fog remained.

We parted ways at the highway - Brett, Liz, Jeremy and Dave went to Box Canyon while Pete, Mandy, Mike and I headed west for lunch.  

It was a quick one nighter, but it was full of memories that will stick.  It's funny how adventures on sunny days easily fade from memory, but the adventures full of poor weather and wet roads stick with you.