Saturday, July 11, 2015

From Pines to Nothing, Nevada

Mike is not much of a planner.  What little plan he did have for this trip, literally went up in smoke when we were rerouted on day 1 due to the numerous forest fires raging in California.  After breakfast, a romp in the creek, a brief walk with the dogs (to dry them off) and packing up we made our way to Mono Lake.  It was not as glorious as it was made out to be.


Mono Lake

Mike grabbed his trail book and picked what we thought would be a good trail.  Meh, it was okay but it wasn't taking us into the trees.  So after a brief off road detour we made our way back to pavement.

We opted to try out Bodie State Park: a park featuring the Bodie Ghost Town.  We did not stop but merely drove through on our way into Nevada.

We let Pete pick the route today.  He decided to take us into Nevada.  And into a rain storm. Thanks Pete. One thing I learned today is that Nevada will remain off of my list of states to explore.  Hello nothing for miles and miles and miles.

At the California/Nevada state line there was the remanents of a stone structure and a short water crossing.  Both were enigmas and with no signage to explain their appearances. The best part of traveling in July? Wild flowers.

We wound our way through the canyon.  It lightly rained off and on.  Once through, it poured.  Hard.  We were in the flats with a lighting storm raging on both of our sides.

We were growing weary.  Once out of the canyon and into the flats we were bored.  We seemed to have left the scenery behind in California.  We found out that the treeless Toiyabe National Forest is rarely explored and the roads have been reclaimed by the desert.  We found a reasonable turn off and tucked ourselves into the hillside. We prepped for the rain that never came and enjoyed a cool night in the quiet.  Amazing to think that this morning we were in the trees, playing in a creek.

Today was totally unplanned.  Which would set the tone for the remainder of our trip.  Plans are for the...prepared.

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