Friday, December 9, 2011

Adventures in Christmas decorating

I haven't been in a holiday mood this year. With Mike away, its hard to feel enthusiastic about anything. But its extremely important to me that we have Christmas together. I get him back a few short days before Santa arrives. I had a conned a friend to go tree shopping with me.

Wandering through a parking lot at Home Depot to pick a tree is wrong. In everyway. I miss meandering through a field to see a tree still growing, still alive. I miss picking that perfect specimen and cutting it myself. You don't particularly get that experience in southern Arizona. So Home Depot it was.

I came home with a 9 foot tree. Without Mandi, it would still be in the truck. Without Mandi, I would have had to re-light the entire tree. With Mandi, I had the whole tree decorated quickly.

The house smells amazing. The tree has personality. The only thing missing is my husband.

Oh and I love my new camera. Santa came early....more like I opened my gift early.