Wednesday, July 8, 2015

California or BUST!

Its that time again, time for our annual camping trip.  This year, Mike has his heart set on California.  More specifically, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite, and Big Sur. 

We left very early (6:00AM) because we wanted to get high into CA in one day.  And it was a long day.  We drove through a lot of NOTHING.  You hear so many people swoon over southern Cali, but wow, there was a lot of nothing along our route.

We finally made it to the southern tip of the Sequoia National Forest by mid/late afternoon and climbed into the mountains.  We found a wide camping spot along the (paved??) forest road, nestled in some pines and called it home for the night.

While the kids were lounging, I explored and stumbled upon a left, random sign.

We enjoyed a nice relaxing night.  Considering all the driving we did today, and all the driving we would be doing for the next few days, relaxing is what we needed.

A taste of what is ahead....

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