Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cayucos - Our Haven

We woke to the sound of traffic.  Normally I wouldn't classify traffic and a good sound to wake to, but that meant the road was open.  As we were on the side of the road, the most we did was brush our teeth.  Clouds hung over the coast, and I was hesitant to be optimistic for the day ahead.

We passed several beach access points, and stopped at what I can only assume was not an actual access point.  The dogs did amazing being cooped in the Jeep the day prior.  They had an excess of energy to burn and absolutley loved their first romp in the Pacific ocean.  It was still gray out, but after a few lung fulls of ocean air, I was feeling refreshed.
Just up the road was a colony of elephant seals snoozing on the beach.  The males were busy fighting loudly in the surf while the ladies napped.

Mike wanted breakfast and coffee so we stopped in Cayucos.  We found the Divine Street Cafe; it was wonderful.  I had the best Chai Latte I've ever had and enjoyed a fresh yummy breakfast.  Their patio boasted a lovely garden, full of succulents.  Actually the whole town was full of succulents.

We grabbed the dogs and walked the street and found out quickly that this is the beach town for us: a dog loving, no fuss community.  Main street was small, but had just the right amount of shops and eateries.  Dogs were allowed everywhere, shops, patio restaurants, and most importantly the beach.  After walking the main road, the decision was made: we got a room at a beach dive who allowed dogs and would call this town our home for our last night of the trip.

After booking our room, we walked across the street to the beach and played for a while.  At this point, Elly was pretty much done for the day and just wandered about, but Rommel was in heaven.  The sun came out and we finally played in the ocean under blue skies.

After play time, everyone retired to the room for showers - dogs included.  We lounged before having an early dinner at the Sea Shanty across the street.  Elly and Rommel were allowed to nap at our feet during dinner, the waitress was sweet and efficent and the food was great.  We lounged for a while before heading back to the beach for sunset.

After the sun sank below the horizon, we went back to the Sea Shanty for dessert, another great waiter and huge peach cobblers.  After the hell that yesterday was, today was amazing.  The ocean air makes me feel nostalgic.  Cayucos does not boast rides, boardwalks, or shopping.  Cayucos offers you the ocean so you can find peace by the sea.

We turned in early, woke early and had breakfast and Chai at Divine Street again.  We had not left and already planned on returning.  Reluctantly, we loaded up in the Jeep and started our east bound journey home. All too soon, the ocean disappeared and the desert came into focus.  We were stuck in LA traffic for hours and our 9 hour drive turned into an 11 hour drive.  Temperatures rose and spirits sank.

Small pieces of this trip ranked in my top ten but collectively, California was fussy, busy and the drives from one point to another too long.  I will return to Yosemite, to the Giants, and most certainly back to Cayucos.  I will keep the peace left inside me from Cayucos for as long as I can before the grind invades and wears me down.

A simpler life is out there...

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