Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Joys of Roof Top Tents

I worked a bit of overtime last week and we splurged on a purchase. A Howling Moon Stargazer Roof Top Tent. The Adventure Couple decided that sleeping on the ground is the pits and wanted more comfort and security.

After many different mounting ideas, Mike settled on mounting it directly onto the truck cap.
Now comes the fun part. Unwrapping it!

It even came with shoe pockets.
The Adventure Husband fast at work propping up windows.
One the tent was up - maybe only 5-10 minutes set up time - we set out to put on the bottom room. The dog room, aka, changing room.
 Rommel poking his head in - whatcha doin?

 Always a dog in the picture.

 Once set up on dirt, the room will make more sense. Its kinda hard to stake something out on a concrete driveway.
 I wish the mud on the truck was from a camping excursion, but alas, its only from the muddy parking lot at work.

So we're thrilled. Its huge and comfortable. I need to run out and buy bedding (which can be packed away with the tent). I'm hoping for a camping trip soon.

ARB fridge - check
Packable kitchen - check
Chairs & hammock - check
RTT!!! - check

I'm ready!