Saturday, November 16, 2013

Good Guys - 2013

We've been following reports of the show for years. We've watched the autocross races on YouTube. And this is the first time we've had the opportunity to go.

Good Guys


Thousands of cars: hot rods, rat rods, muscle, classic, trucks, sedans, coupes, convertibles. All The Cars! Eight hours, a few miles later and we left without seeing them all.  We started and ended with auto cross - we got to see Mary Posey race! (I didn't get any great shots of her though).

(I took 568 was tough narrowing it down to 45)

We peeled Mike away from auto cross to begin journey through the cars.

Cars with replicas:

Dealer cars

Rusty cars

Cars towing

Candy colored cars

Police cars

Adventure cars

Details on cars

And trucks…my newest obsession. The next project car will be mine and I want a truck. 


Tired but full of ideas, we left the perfect Arizona fall weather behind.  We fell in with the line of classics heading home for the night and came home.  Someday we'll be there showing off our completed Chevelle.