Monday, July 13, 2015

Day on the Trail - Ellis Point


Quite a bit of traffic, both Jeep and ATV passed camp.  But everyone else seemed to immediately head to the east Rubicon trail entrance.  We had other plans - Ellis Point. We went up!

We had three different maps in the Jeep.  None of them agreed with one another.  We got turned around, backtracked but finally passed a single Jeep who assured us we were on our way to Ellis Point.

The air was crisp and rich with pine scent, and we finally had bright blue skies.  Today was perfect.  The last bit of road to the point was narrow and complex.  We took GoPro video but I haven't edited it yet.  This view was incredible.  Mountains on one side, and massive Lake Tahoe on the other.

My little hiking/bouldering partner kept up the steep incline to the peak. (8700ft)
We enjoyed a snack at the Jeep then headed back down to camp.  In Arizona you can easily time yourself via the sun, not in California.  The sun stays up much later.  It was nearing dinner, and without a proper lunch in our bellies, we descended back towards Miller Lake.

Mandy whipped up another awesome camp dinner, we played Chinese Checkers, ate smores and battled mosquitoes before turning in. 

These are the days....

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