Saturday, February 20, 2016

Making of a time lapse sunset

I have a confession.  I am addicted to time lapse movies.  I find them extremely relaxing.  I finally bought an inexpensive multi-function timer remote and have been fortunate to have some good sunsets to play around with.  

What little reading I have done on time lapse (confession two: I tend to do minimal research and learn on the fly), you need to take a million photographs.  For instance, I took 360 pictures at 24 fps and ended up with a 15 second video.  I kinda rushed through the photo process, having little prep time but at least managed to find the right manual settings to capture the colors we were blessed with the other evening. 

This sunburst didn't make it into the video, but was captured while finding the right location.

After dumping my photos onto my laptop, I purchased Quicktime Pro to make my video.  The bummer about Quicktime Pro is I can't seem to add music and my Windows laptop doesn't have any other editing program.  Oh well, I think a silent movie has its own charm.  What is disappointing is when uploaded to Instagram, the quality looks like garbage.  Not sure if it is something I am doing incorrectly, or if it is Instagram.  Youtube seemed to do a better job at the upload.  I'm excited for this new technique and hope to make some interesting and fun videos on our camping excursions.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Backyard Rocks! (See what I did there?)

Sometimes you need to take the opportunity to fly in the face of convention and ignore the Super Bowl.

Walks, and "borrowing" the neighbors rock hill are a better use of time.

A few days later we explored a larger hill further north.