Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 2: On the way to the Giant Sequoia National Park

We woke, had a small breakfast and rushed to pack up camp.  Storm clouds were rolling in....

Once on the road, it quickly started to drizzle.  Then sleet.  Then snow....

That's right folks, it snowed on us.  In July. In a state heavy with drought.  Go figure.  We crested the mountain and began our descent.  We could see clear skies in the distance.  But first, the dogs made friends.

The back side of the mountain gave way to completely different views.  Gone were the tall trees. Rocks and scrub brush became prevalent as we hit the valley floor.

We were surprised to find a river at the bottom.  Rommel was thrilled to find a river at the bottom.

Elly also enjoyed the water, but was less than cooperative during photo time.

Oh yeah, we had two human children with us too...

We found evidence of the giants we would be seeing later on.  These cones were enormous.

Next up....GIANTS!

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