Sunday, July 23, 2017

Day 8: Kendall Mountain

What happened to day 7? The collective group went into Ouray for the day.  I didn't take any photos for some reason.  It was a nice day touristing about and popping into the vendors of the FJ Summit.

Onto Day 8.

Camp KGB went into Silverton to explore the town, while Pete and Mandy stayed back to begin putting non-essentials away.  Tomorrow would be a long day on the road and they wanted to get a jump on packing.

Mike and I wanted one more day on dirt before slabbing our way back home.  Mike chose Kendall Mountain.  On our way up, we passed several people heading down the mountain and were passed by a few UTVs.  The guide book touted an amazing overlook of Silverton at the peak, so we headed that way.

I'm so proud of my fear-of-heights husband for powering through the rim road and pushing onwards. But as we rounded the bend, it became apparent that we would not see the views promised as a snow bank covered the road.  Oh well.

As we made our way back down, the incoming storms darkened the sky.  That is a theme in this area this time of year, and we knew it.  It makes for gloomy photos, but if it doesn't bother you, you generally have most trails to yourself.  Apparently people think they will melt if off roading in the rain.

We pit stopped at an old mine shaft and let the dogs play.

We took CR33A trying to find an old bus that you hike to.

Elly and I hiked and hiked but never found it.

Time was passing and we opted to head back to camp.  One more stop in Silverton and we headed back to camp.

We should take stock out in OzTent.

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