Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Day 3: Hurricane Pass, where are you?

After breakfast, we loaded up and set off in search of Hurricane Pass.  We thought we found it last year, but after looking at the map again, realized we were wrong.

On 550, this crew was headed northbound.  What a way to travel the Million Dollar Highway.

We made our way up towards Corkscrew Pass.

We pit stopped a bit up to let the pups out to stretch their legs.  It allowed the ladies and kids time to play in the creek too.

We pushed our way up to the top.  The trails were a bit busier this year than in years past.  Perhaps Colorado advertised more?

We hit a rather busy switchback and all stopped for a group of dual sport bikes.  One poor sap dropped his bike (it was slow and he was fine).  Mike, Pete and an unknown Jeeper hopped out and asked: "need help?
Greenhorn: "no I have friends with me"
Passing rider: "no let them help!"

We found out that a few expert riders invited some greenhorn friends along.  And tortured them on Corkscrew.  Those poor guys looked sapped and were in a race against an approaching monsoon.

We pushed on and stopped at the pass for lunch.

This lake was nearly frozen over last year.  Huge difference from one year to another.

As we were descending, the rain began.  Slow at first.

We all headed towards an abandoned mine, crossed a small waterfall before tucking tail and heading back for camp.

The rain was coming down very hard and grumbling stomachs were begging for dinner.

A quick stop for Mike to see the steam train then we headed back to Lime Creek Camp, only to find a mess waiting...

The roof vent was left open and the monsoon left a puddle in our bed.  Everything was taken out and we put the campfire near the sheets to dry them out before bed. Elly was a bit perturbed that her bed was damp.

Thankfully, the sheets dried quickly and I packed extra blankets.  The down comforter was a loss for the rest of the trip.

We had dinner, found out that one of our new camp friends has a severe fear of heights (whoops, sorry!), laughed about our day and turned in.

Tomorrow we'd find the real Hurricane Pass.

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