Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 4: Hurricane Pass, Skid Plate Scratches and Altitude Sickness

We started with a lazy day.  I moseyed down to the creek for a few daylight pictures and was joined by Mandy and the kids.

Our new camp friends opted to stay back and relax by the creek, but we were hellbent on finding Hurricane Pass.

We zoomed up to Animas Forks and quickly bypassed it to avoid the crowds.  Holy UTVs batman.

We started up towards Engineer Pass, but took a left towards Mineral Creek, having conquered Engineer on our first trip out here.

We briefly stopped for lunch, saw a grouse, were consumed by mosquitos and passed two Land Rovers on our way to the mill site.

We all explored the mill site for some time before we heard an approached thunder storm.

I love my Jeep

The mill site was really interesting.

Click photo for full version

Click photo for full version

Loaded up, we headed towards the sun.


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