Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 2: Utah to Colorado

Morning found an angry squirrel ranting at us.  Cyrus was determined to rid camp of it.

All during breakfast it fussed at us.  Cyrus and Athena gave it their all, but it was left unscathed.

While camp was packed up, I chased butterflies while Elly and Rommel hid in the weeds.

We hit the road for the long haul to Silverton.  

A quick selfie with my Jeep dog.

We hit some serious monsoon action on 550, complete with hail.  A few years back, we tried Old Lime Creek Road, but broke the left spring on our first camp trailer.  We sought out easier roads (Mineral Springs) for camping that year, but wanted to try Lime Creek Road again.

Four miles of rocks and ruts found us parked next to Lime Creek and tucked under the pines.  Perfection in a campsite.

Athena, Pete and Mandy's newest pup, is only about 6 months old and is not off leash trained yet.  But she quickly mastered the sad face while tethered to the trailer.  Meanwhile, Cyrus the pittie quickly abandoned his dad for Mike's lap.

Dinner, beer, campfire and good laughs were had before we all turned in.  Tomorrow the trails!

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