Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 5: Lazy Lake Day

We broke our adventure friends.  They opted out of trails for the day.  And to be honest, we weren't up for serious trails, but we saw a few small ones on the map near the functioning mine that called to us.

We decided to explore the other side of Lime Creek Road before heading out.

We headed towards the functioning mine and up 52.

We found ourselves at a lake.  And after 10 minutes, it was all ours until we left.

Snow, water and amazing scenery filled the next hour or so.

Rommel was in heaven, two of his favorite things.  Elly just loves everything about being outside and exploring.

It was so peaceful we had our lunch and didn't head back to the Jeep until the approaching monsoon rattled itself around the peaks.

Not long after leaving, the rain began.  We poked about a little more, before meandering back to camp for the evening.

It's days like this that fill the soul to brim.

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