Friday, July 21, 2017

Day 6: Mine Museum

Our friend @seanrubiconnery has a skillet for his large campfire.  It was a game changer on our February camp trip.  Pete crafted a smaller version for their Campfire in a Can.  We used the heck out of that thing this trip.  Much more even cooking than a grill and more food can be cooked than a skillet.  Mike needs to make me one....hint hint.

After a hearty breakfast, we parted ways for the day.  We've driven by the Silverton Museum many times.  Today proved to be gloomy and rainy most of the day, so it was perfect fit for a museum.  Silverton has an interesting history, rich in mining.

The diminutive museum took most of our day up, showing off it's jail and mine wares.  We also learned that our campsite sat alongside the original road between valleys.  Lime Creek Road was ultimately replaced by Highway 550, but until recent history was the route between Durango and Silverton.  It was ravaged by fire and only recuperated after human intervention replanted pines 36 years after being barren.

On our way back to camp, we detoured down to the now dead end of Lime Creek Road.  There we saw the remains of a Chevrolet C10 and a 57 Chevy that appears to have met its demise after falling from 550.

We proceeded back to camp where Mike aided Pete in some campsite mechanicals.  The FJ had a horrendously annoying squeak.  A bit of grease and all was well.

This week's rain allowed us to test out the rain blocks Mandy made for the teardrop.  As the interior is wood, moisture is the enemy, which means during rains, we'd have to close the rear hatch.  The remains of a ruined Foxwing made for a good start.  Some crafting by Mandy and we were in business.  They worked like a charm.

After dinner and in between rain drops, I snuck down to the creek for low light, long exposure camera time.

It is amazing to travel and camp with friends who are not afraid to part ways once in a blue moon.  We all had things we wanted to do the last two days and were not afraid to say farewell until meeting again at camp for dinner and beer.

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