Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 4: Poughkeepie Gulch to Hurricane and Pain

Once down the gulch, the signs for Poughkeepsie Gulch.  This is a no joke trail and stock rigs should not attempt it.

The start was deceiving.  Winding you up through a wildflower laden valley.

The road turned to shale, complete with a creek running down it.

I was sitting on the window here.  And almost fell out of it.  BUMPY!

Climb on!

Marmot Alert!

Handsome Dog Alert!

We hit an intersection.  Go right and test yourself.  Go left and proceed to easy street.  Right it was!

Just after the turn, we met a Texan couple in a UTV who wanted to watch us attempt the wall.

At the wall, there was a DGAF deer munching away, also enjoying the carnage to come.

Let the learning begin....

Mike made the Wall attempt first.  He and Pete decided that they'd only attempt the wall twice before unwinding the winch cable.  It was already a long day and we still had many thousand feet to climb.

Mike teetered, I screamed "DON'T ROLL MY JEEP!" and he rolled back down for attempt two.

At attempt two, the JK became high centered and the winch was used to pull Mike up the rest of the way.

My Rubi has a nice long scar along her skid plates to mark the journey.

The FJ, having more ground clearance, made two solid attempts and was able to un-highcenter itself for a successful no-winch attempt.

Then the UTV showed us all how's its done.

We followed our new UTV friends up the mountain.


By this point, altitude sickness was kicking in pretty bad for me.  Mike hopped out to snap the pictures of the lake.

At Hurricane Pass we were at 12,500 feet and I wanted to die.  Looking at the photos, it was amazing.

Thankfully, after cresting the pass, it was all downhill from there.

I snapped a few more pictures before burying my head in my hands and waiting until we hit camp.

I had consumed more than the recommended amount of Excedrin, ate dinner and dove into bed.  It was a long and adventurous day.

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