Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Journey is Over

In inevitable was upon us.  Our vacation was ending.  We woke but didn't bother getting up.  The breeze was cool, as rain clouds were on the horizon.  Both trailer doors were open, Elly was napping at our feet and we just enjoyed the last morning.

Hunger won in the end, and we pushed towards Lake Mary Road.  Once there, we went the short distance to the Mormon Lake Lodge for a simple, country breakfast. Not quite willing to throw in the towel that early, we decided to check out some NF roads for future camping.

One camp spot had a distinct feature:

It sprinkled on and off during our short adventure.  We found some promising areas where the dreaded 5th wheel couldn't get to.  Just before hitting pavement for the last time, we stopped to break the dogs.

I noticed that our little jaunt through mud left interesting patterns on my wheels.

To say the least, I was depressed to be heading south.  Temperatures quickly rose to remind us why we left in the first place.  One of these days I will convince Mike to sell everything off, buy a plot of land in the woods and runaway.

One of these days....

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