Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Red Mountain Mining

We woke again to overcast skies and cool temperatures.  We haven't felt as gung-ho for difficult trails as we were expecting.  Mike chose an easy, but tall mountain climb, literally across the street.  First, our 30 degree downslope mentioned yesterday.

We made our ascent up to an old mining facility and explored for a while before rain chased us back into the Jeep.

On our way around the mountain, we discovered that through a long lens, we could actually see our campsite across the way. 

We briefly hit pavement before continuing on through the Red Mountain Mining District.  This entire route was littered with old mine sites.  Yankee Girl was my favorite.

We hit pavement again less than 10 miles from Ouray and decided that lunch would be consumed there.  We got some pretty good homemade pizza at the Gold Belt Bar and Grill and then hit the tourist shops.  Mike researched why we were seeing so many FJ Cruisers; the FJ Summit had just started.  Tired of the tourist trap, we made our way back to Silverton and camp. 

Mike and Pete stopped to wash the FJ off at the waterfall, while Mandy and I went to camp to wash up.  I left Mike with the camera.  He got some pretty good waterfall shots too.

Finally having sunshine over camp this afternoon, I was able to snap some late afternoon colors on the mountains behind us and of our camp. 


After playing, Elly put herself to bed.  We open the tent flap enough to fit a dog and they go in at out at will.  Once the temps dropped, she put herself to bed for the night. 

We have a killer view from camp.  I love it.  Rommel and I spent quite some time watching the evolution of the sunset.

We were on this road earlier this morning:

Its sad to think that our time here is coming to a close.  I think camping at 11,300 ft was probably a poor idea considering the headaches and weariness we've all been suffering, but I have such a fondness for Silverton and its beauty, that I never want to leave.

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