Friday, July 11, 2014

Manti-LaSal to Monticello

The storm clouds rolled out over night and gave way to beautiful blue skies in the morning. I let Mike sleep in, he didn't sleep well.  It would be a constant theme throughout this trip, only one of us would sleep well each night.  I looked out my window to see all three of them waiting for me to play with them.  So I reluctantly got up.

Beauty shots:

After play and breakfast, we packed up and made our way through what seemed like an entire mountain chain.  It was a magnificent drive.  

We stopped off in some shade for lunch and discovered a battery issue with our trailer.  One of the batteries was dead.  Our duel battery system was failing, triggering breaker issues and not supplying our trailer with enough power. The boys made a work around to keep our fridge running while the dogs rested.

We continued on and enjoyed the views.

We were curious about the weird tiers this mountain had. 

On our descent into Monticello, we had what would be the first of many deer sightings.  Or what we would call "don't-give-a-fuck-deer" sightings.  We crept up on this guy.  He was just kicking it in the road until Pete's noisy FJ spooked it.

We popped into Monticello for gas and parts at AutoZone.  Afterwards we crept back towards the mountain for a camp spot.  Unbeknownst to us, we camped in the middle of a cattle trail.  Elly would have several close encounters of the bovine kind.

We grilled chicken, enjoyed a mediocre sunset then watched the full moon in all of its glory.

It was so bright and illuminated the sky.

A few night shots then off to bed to try and make up for lost sleep.

Tomorrow is another day.

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