Saturday, July 12, 2014

Manti-LaSal's Part II

Around dawn-o'clock, we were rudely awakened by some idiot in a diesel pulling a fifth wheel.  We intentionally choose bumpy, rocky roads to avoid fifth wheeled morons.  This one decided to drag his rig just up to our camp before panicking and turning around.  So commence with an Austin Powers' inspired turn around, a bed full of barking hounds, and a pissed off Rommel who barked back for being woken up.

We were all awake.  Dick.  So breakfast and pack up. Too early after so little sleep.

We headed out and made our way to Newspaper Rock. A quick stop off at an overlook gave us an impressive view of part of Canyonlands National Park.  Canyonlands has a special part in my heart since Mike and I honeymooned there (click here for the blog).

Newspaper Rock was worth the quick detour.

After that, we slabbed it towards Moab.  We turned off miles before town to head to another mountain range in the Manti-LaSal National Forest.  Storm clouds were brewing and we were rained on a few times.

Several miles in we noticed a new problem.  The trailer brake system wasn't working.  Another issue from our battery problem discovered yesterday.  Joy.  The boys popped the hood at a loop while Mandy, the dogs and I meandered around.

After a sorta-kinda fix, we continued on.  These mountains were blah.  I preferred the previous set.  Just on the other side, with a sweet view of Moab, we found a crappy road to go camp on.  We love crappy roads. It weeds out other conventional campers.

Tucked snuggly into the aspen grove, we proceeded to relax.

Mike wandered off with all three dogs, and Mandy and I hiked a short way on a trail behind our camp site.  We found a small waterfall crossing the trail.  I practiced with long exposures on the water.

The sun began to set around dinner time.  Mike, the kids and I wandered off towards the overlook hoping for a beautiful sunset over the valley.  We were sorely disappointed with the show.  It was however, a peaceful and romantic way to cap off the day.

It just doesn't get better than this folks.

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