Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Silverton's Rich Mining History

We woke to overcast skies and low temperatures.  It has been refreshing to require a light jacket and hat. 

Mike continued with his daily routine and went exploring with the dogs. Elly is in love with tall grass and would run and run and run through it.  She's a pip when she's not grumpy and tired.

During any down time at camp, Mike would wander out and watch the vehicles climb up to Black Bear Pass.

We drove out to pavement a different way, hoping the road would be easier to drag the trailers out later on.  Not so much.  One spot sported a 30 degree downslope, and the switchbacks were too tight.

Two years ago, when we were last in Silverton, we did not make it to Animas Forks.  Today we wanted a bit of a lazy day, so we did the "short" drive out to poke around the old mining community.

Colorado just leaves water sitting around everywhere.

The old mining town was neat to explore.  They have been repairing the remaining structures.  We were chased away by rain, but had enough time to feel sufficiently like tourists.

On our way out we saw a small Jeep use a water crossing to wash off.  Since our Jeep got muddy on the drive in, we decided to partake in nature's car wash too.  (Thanks Mandy for the pics!)

The drive back to Silverton was uneventful but pretty.

We stopped in Silverton for lunch at the Pickle Barrel and to browse the shops.

On our way back to camp, Mike and I stopped to our waterfall to finish washing the mud off the Jeep. It rained sporadically throughout dinner. I didn't mind the rain.  The cool weather, and wet conditions are a welcome change.  11,300 feet is rough on the lungs, but as usual, I'm loving my time in Colorado.

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