Sunday, July 13, 2014

Moab to Lands End

After breakfast, we packed up and cruised into Moab for errands.

Mandy and I did laundry during lunch at the Moab Brewery.  The food did not disappoint again.  Mike even bought himself a cask of a local brew to take home.  Some grocery shopping happened, then we headed east bound parallel with the Colorado River.

Our love for Moab has not waned, and during this picturesque cruise, we decided that for our five year anniversary, we'd return on the bike to enjoy it more.

The gorgeous red cliffs gave way to smaller white formations until finally dissolving into nothingness.

We could see storms far off into the horizon, but did not encounter any during our cruise towards Grand Junction, Colorado. We turned south from there in hopes of climbing into higher elevations for a good camp spot.

In Whitewater, CO, we turned east and drove straight up a mountain on Lands End Road in Grand Mesa National Forest.  The lesser hills to this mountain were a bizzare moonscape type in color and shape.  I was waiting to see the Mars Rover practicing on these hills.

Tight switchbacks ensued. 

 At the top of the range, we found a turn off and camped at 10,000 feet.  I wandered off towards the edge with the dogs.  We enjoyed a small hike and amazing views.  Also, the wildflowers were so vibrant in all of the Colorado ranges.

I went back to camp to prep dinner.  I gave Mike the camera when the sun began to set.  I could tell instantly that tonight would yield an amazing sunset.

Not knowing where he went, I ran off with my iPhone to snap some shots. We connected at the ridge again and were able to watch the color show together.  The breeze was beginning to chill, but it was worth the time alone together.

After dinner, I looked over and saw that the moon was rising behind some light clouds.  I had to snap its progress.

We lit the campfire and played dominoes before the wind cooled enough to chase us to bed.

Another day well spent on the road.

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