Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Seven Falls and Frustration

Prior to departing Arizona, Mandy and I found Seven Falls on the internet and it looked beautiful.  We packed up the rigs and headed into Colorado Springs hoping to find a good camp spot after Seven Falls.

We hopped on the complementary shuttle to the falls.  They happily allow dogs and the fee was not astronomical.  But it was humid.  And when the sun was out, forget it.  We climbed the 185 steps to the observation deck in spurts.  Elly and Rommel were toast in the heat and I was a worried mama.

We stayed at the top for a bit and laid them down in the shade.  Mike bought me a fossilized sand dollar, because the way to my heart is rock.

Thankfully there was an elevator so we took that down.  In retrospect we should've taken that up, but bravado got the best of us.  We stayed in the tunnel leading to the elevator to let them cool down even more and it allowed Mike ample time to read about the falls.  We brought 40oz of water and bought another bottle in the park and wiped it all out before we made it down to the bottom.

We did not climb the second set of stairs on the actual falls.  But Mandy and family did, so I'll link over to her photos later on.  Come back for those.

On the way back to the shuttle, we let them cool off in the creek for a bit.  After their first and second shuttle ride, first elevator ride and an exhausting day climbing steps, Elly and Rommel were done.

According to the map, the boys hoped to find a camp spot in Colorado Springs.  A washed out road and asshole drivers frustrated us to a breaking point.  We tucked our tails, and headed back to Woodland Park.

Back to the Painted Rocks campground it was.  Another $20 down.  Oh well.

Tonight we were happy it rained, as it cooled things down.  A hot meal, good conversation and some relaxing commenced before bed.

While it wasn't an ideal day, it was a day well spent.  I'm not going to lie and say "OMG you must see the falls".  I was slightly disappointed only because we've seen some incredible falls (for free) throughout Colorado.  I see this as a must for those that don't really offroad and want easy access to some certified beautiful Colorado scenery.  I don't regret going, only wish we waited until dark to see it while lit up.

Tomorrow is another day, and ripe with adventure!

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