Sunday, June 19, 2016

Corkscrew Gulch and SNOW!

This morning was...interesting.  First thing the dogs did was run to the Jeep and sniff under it.  I thought nothing of it.  Fast forward an hour and while Mike was checking on the new King Shocks we installed just prior to the trip, he noticed some wires were chewed up.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed porcupine quills under the Jeep.  Then I saw the tail.  We had a porcupine occupying the engine compartment of the JK.

And it wouldn't come out.  I grabbed leashes and walked the dogs to the edge of camp while Mike tried in vain to extricate it.  No luck.  It skittered into the skid plates and hunkered down.  Mike started the Jeep and drove off, and finally it dislodged itself from its hiding spot.  Poor dude.  

After ensuring that no permanent damage was done by teeth or quills, we headed off for Corkscrew Gulch.

Up the mountain we went.  Through pines and mining desolation.

And through winter's most recent avalanche site.

We stopped in Corkscrew Gulch and let Rommel play in the snow while we waited for our adventure friends.  One of the kids felt car sick, so they stopped for a while.

Here we are at 10,000 feet or so, playing in the snow in t-shirts.  The sun is extremely hot, to the point where Elly just walked into the shade and laid in the snow while Rommel played.

Our friends caught up and we started the climb to the top.

Once at the top, we found a pool of ice water with bergs in it that, of course, Rommel thought he needed to get into.  We dissuaded him with snow. 

Family Photo <3


After the snowball fight, the boys consulted the WORST MAP BOOK EVER.  We thought we were in one pass, but later on the way down the mountain spoke with another Jeeper who showed us a far superior trail map.  Oh well.  

We headed into Silverton proper for a mediocre but expensive lunch and some shopping.  From there, back to camp for the evening.  We played some dominos, had dinner and lounged for the rest of the evening.  

Any day in the mountains is a good day.

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