Saturday, June 18, 2016

Onwards to Silverton!

Its summer so the sun sets too late and rises too early.  That didn't bother Elly, who barely slept the night before but was in full lizard hunting mode come morning.

And after an ample struggle, we managed to get four adults, two kids and two dogs still long enough for one photo.

Bye Valley of the Gods!

We blazed through Utah, through Bluff and the Reservation.

And into Colorado, through Durango and onwards east.  The final destination of this journey is Colorado Springs.  Why?  Because we haven't been there.  But first, a stop off in Silverton because A) we love the place and B) its a mid point.

Mineral Springs.  If it aint broke, don't fix it.  Stick with what you know and seek out a camp spot.

This trip was planned a month earlier than usual, for reasons I can no longer remember.  There was a lot more snow on the ground than usual and the waterfalls and creeks were full and raging.  We also hit a small snag.  The Jeep just couldn't get itself and the trailer over this small snow block.  FJ to the rescue!

Hey, I'm not ashamed we got stuck and needed help.  We're hauling a fat bottomed girl, and have lower ground clearance than the FJ.  We wouldn't have anymore issues with this spot since the sun and vehicles were shrink it down for us. 

We pushed through and down into the valley at the end of Mineral Springs.

While camp was erected, I let Rommel briefly play in the creek.  Briefly because it is so cold, your toes begin to burn after a few seconds.  He would play himself into hypothermia if I let him.  So just a few minutes of blissful play with the added benefit of washing away the red dirt from Utah.

To encourage K9 dry time and to stretch our legs, Mike and I ventured around.

After our hike, Mike and Pete played horseshoes while Mandy and I prepared dinner.  I want to say we enjoyed potato soup tonight but I'm not 100% sure.  The June sun is blazing in Colorado, but the second the sun moves behind the mountain, we were chilled to the bone.

Warm showers were enjoyed, lounging commenced and eventually we all tucked in for a restful night soothed by the sounds of Mineral Creek.

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