Monday, June 20, 2016

Ugh - It was one of THOSE days

We woke to a chilly but sunny morning and packed up.  Farewell Silverton.  Little did we know, but we should've just stayed.

The theme of the day was construction.  We hit construction three times today, delaying us big time.  We sat here long enough for me to make lunch for us both and for us to leisurely enjoy it.

We spent all day in the Jeep.  ALL DAY.  And it was boring country to drive through.

By the time we hit Woodland Park the sky was ominous.  By the time we realized that the National Forest shown on the map was some mythical and unattainable land it was pouring rain.  Apparently, the government decided that the people do not need access to Pike and San Isabel National Forest.

We were stuck paying $20 (a night) for a campground.  Desperate, we picked spots, set up and tucked away from the rain in our respective camping rigs for the night.

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