Monday, October 13, 2014

Tooele to Paragonah: Heading home

It was cold.  Frost cold.  We didn't even make coffee.  We packed up camp as quickly as possible and made our way to Tooele.  It was lunch time by the time we made town and we stopped at the Bonneville Brewery for lunch.  It was tasty.  They made their own cream soda and beer.  Because of weird Utah laws, Mike couldn't taste a brew, but we both had a cream soda.  It was worth breaking my two year moratorium on soda.

Mike was insistent that we go the long way around through Salt Lake City and Park City so he could show me how beautiful the mountains and falls colors were.  It was worth it.  We pushed through the nothingness of this part of Utah for hours and hours.  Our goal was our camp spot in Paragonah because we were hoping that the missing Foxwing legs were still there.  They were. 

After a long day in the Jeep, we enjoyed showers while the sun was out and it was relatively warm.  We relaxed, enjoyed the sunset and a late dinner and turned in. 

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