Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Home Again....

Cold mornings plague us.  I love me some fall, but waking up to frost is getting old.  It was an early morning and another quick packup.  Quicker than Tooele because we had less to worry about. On our way past the farms in Paragonah, the morning watering was freezing in the shade.

We stopped in....I'm not sure what city and had Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Then onto more nothingness desert.  I read.  I was reading American Gods for the umpteenth time.  It was an appropriate road trip book. 

It warmed up as we got closer to Vegas.  We popped in to see the Hoover Dam on our way south.  I'll have to go back to walk around because the dogs weren't allowed out of the Jeep.

It was dusk by the time we pulled into the driveway.  The dogs were bathed, the trailer emptied and washed off and we settled onto the couch. 

As usual, the melancholy set in long before we pulled into the driveway.  I'm always sad to leave the wild.  Cities are stifling.  People are exhausting.  Getting away, enjoying the air, beauty and silence was welcomed with open arms.  I carry a little piece of that peace home with me but the everyday grind wears that peace away over time. 

Until our next adventure...

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