Friday, October 10, 2014

Onwards to Tooele!

We woke to frost.  The Jeep claimed that it was 37 degrees when we finally made our way back to I-15.  It was cold.  Before striking our way Northwest, we stopped for gas in a small "town".  I got the dogs out for a quick pee and Elly made fast friends with a Palomino.  The camera was dead and I left my phone in the car, but it was an adorable encounter.  The horse sauntered over to the fence when it saw us and nosed at her. 

We piled back in and made our way through the vast nothingness that is central/western Utah.  Wow.  Most boring landscape ever.

I pulled out the trusty map again, and pointed us in the direction of Deseret Peak.  North Willow road was well used and we kept passing one 5th Wheel camping spot after another.  I wasn't pleased. A little further west and the road got tighter and slightly more difficult: 5th Wheel deterrent.

We found a cute little camping spot nestled in a grove of changing aspens, butted up against a small creek.  If it wasn't directly on the road, it would've been perfect.  But it was good enough.

Mike and I set up camp quickly, as he had to drive to Park City for orientation.  The kids and I hiked.

Our mid afternoon hike was steep.  It wasn't necessarily long, just steep.  Getting down the loose granite slope was tricky.

We walked a bit up the road and found that our creek crossed the road.

I was so excited for all of the beautiful fall colors.  I collected leaves.  I'm a nature junky.

Tuckered out and hungry, we walked back to camp for a quick bite to eat.  As soon as the sun dipped below the western peak, the temperature dropped drastically.  I would've toughed it out, but I had a four legged dog, who swore she was naked and freezing.  We packed it in the teardrop and waited for Mike to return. 

Another night in the wild on the books. Another satisfying day away, to exhale life's woes and inhale fresh, cool fall air for renewal.

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