Saturday, October 11, 2014

A day to Explore Tooele

Mike returned from Park City after dark last night and told me that his race day wasn't until Sunday, so we would have all day Saturday to explore.  We woke to another chilly morning, although not quite as frigid as yesterday. 

Breakfast, coffee and a bit of ambulatory exploring.


Our exploration turned into frustration pretty quickly.  Warning: I am super prejudiced against ATV riders.  This camp site encapsulated why.  Garbage.  Garbage everywhere. There were empty alcohol bottles, beer cans, water bottles and other assorted trash strewn throughout the woods and cluttering up the stream.  This is a persistent theme in wilderness areas frequented by ATV riders.  Mike and I cleaned up our campsite and creek the best we could.  The amount of garbage I saw this weekend could fill a pickup truck bed. 

We loaded up in the Jeep and headed west on the road. And we drove as far as we could until we realized that these roads were better suited for narrow ATV's.

It was a beautiful mountain range and it made me sad to see how people treated it.

We drove into Tooele, so Mike could gauge how long it would take him to drive to the Miller Motorsports Park in the morning.  We stopped into visit the museum, but I'll dedicate a whole post to car stuff later. 

We stopped at a farmers market and were disappointed by its small size considering the amount of farms and ranch's nearby.  But we landed apples, squash and eggplant.  After gallivanting we made our way back to camp to relax.

Elly was less than thrilled with the 50 degree temperature.

We enjoyed a great sunset and good times relaxing together.

After enjoying the fire for a while, we turned in.  He had the Octane Academy in the morning and needed rest. Unbeknownst to us, weather was moving in and it would be a bitter cold night. 

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