Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Journey Begins

July 20, 2013

We enjoyed Colorado so much last year that we decided to go for round two.  Pete and Mandy dropped of the kids for the week, and Bear went with Steph.  We were packed and ready to go!

The drive up was uneventful - a standard drive through northern Arizona.  We stopped for a dog break near the Colorado border in the blazing AZ sun.

We soldiered on and finally hit Colorado! We stopped in Cortez for dinner, as the sun was sinking and we were in no mood for camp cooking.  The food sucked.  In retrospect we should've just cooked.

As usual we made camp in the dark.  It was a pretty nice evening.  Not too warm or too cold.  I played with my camera while the boys buttoned down camp. We were blessed with an almost full moon.

It was late so there was no major set up.  The dogs slept with Pete and Mandy.  We turned in.  After all, we had a long week of trails and scenery to enjoy.  With the heat and fuss of home behind us, we were ready for a break.

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