Monday, July 29, 2013

Lake City and its Beautiful Surrounds

July 24, 2013

The dreary sky persisted into the morning.  Elly and Rommel lazed around through dinner and camp pack up.

The day prior, we topped off our water at a spring on the Last Dollar Road.  Today, after showers and other water usage, the boys put their thinking caps on and managed to pump up and filter water to replenish.

Meanwhile, I was enamored with the young pine cones.

Blue skies beckoned from Lake City.

We made it to Lake City and hit the only laundromat in the county.  While our clothes were drying, the boys walked the dogs and Mandy and I hit a boutique.  Before leaving, we had a yummy pizza lunch at Poker Alice.  I like Lake City.  The town itself is charming and I fell in love with the surrounding landscape.

We hit a lookout on our way up the mountain.  Elly was once again uncooperative for a family picture.

A few miles straight up a mountain (11,500 ft) we found a National Forest access road.  We meandered our way down the winding one lane road, past campgrounds to find a perfect spot.

We were waved down and pointed towards a moose.  It was munching away in a small pond off the road.

Elly didn't know what to make of all the tall dogs she saw this trip. She whined at cows, horses and now a moose.  It didn't care.

Further up the road, we found a perfect camp spot, tucked off the road and close to the meandering creek.  I stopped in the middle of setting up the tent when I spotted a faint rainbow behind camp.

Rommel was very thankful to camp at another water source.

We were full from lunch so just lounged through the increasingly menacing cloud cover.

After one light rain, we opted to climb the hill side adjacent to camp.  Mandy and Pete stayed at camp.

It was steep at the top.

The sky was getting darker.  But off in the distance there was just enough clear sky to make a pink mark across the clouds.

The approaching sound of thunder drove us back to camp.  I tucked the camera under my light jacket as we dodged rain drops on our way.  A dinner of left over pizza and cocoa was enjoyed while we chatted about the day.  A light rain fell, but by bed time, the rain had stopped.

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