Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cortez to Telluride

July 21, 2013

We woke, made breakfast burritos and broke down camp.  We had some mileage to get under our belts.  The plan was to camp on the Last Dollar Road near Telluride.  The route there was GORGEOUS.

We were winding our way down country roads, in and out of National Forest, past a lake and finally climbing.  A stop at an intersection made for a dog break.  And a classic face from Elly.

I just couldn't stop taking pictures.  This route to Telluride was breath taking.

Rommel squealed and we knew there was a creek.  He's an efficient water spotter.

We made our decent and made a pit stop to refill jugs of water for the dogs.  I found a very compliant butterfly and proceeded to take about 30 pictures of the little guy.

Meanwhile, Rommel begged but lost the battle to go in the creek.

A short jaunt down pavement and up the Last Dollar Road, we made camp by mid afternoon.  We camped at an old homestead.  The dogs thought it was divine.

We decided to camp two nights here, so the Camp Compound was erected.  Our trailer, with Oz Tent Foxwing plus the Beard's Oz Tent, Foxwing and walls.

I missed the sunset this night since we ate dinner late.  We bought a Camp Chef Camp Fire since Colorado had a fire ban.  It came in handy tonight.

We turned in late.  It became a habit this trip.  To bed late and up late.  I love being on vacation.

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