Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 3: Bridal Veil Falls and Ouray

July 22, 2013

We woke late, as usual.  Breakfast was served and we hopped on the Last Dollar Road towards Telluride.  Today we were headed towards Bridal Veil Falls.  On the drive out, we lamented on how beautiful the houses were here and planned our abode for when we win the lottery. (riiiight)

Surprisingly, this would be the most technical off road driving we would do the entire trip.  The routes this go around were pretty easy.  This drive was cake, comparatively speaking, although we still took it slower than those dummies in rental cars.

Looking back towards Telluride.

Approaching the falls.

Today was the only day I wish we woke and left earlier, because trying to get good photos of the falls during the noon sun was tough.

We hiked down a bit to avoid the crowds and let the dogs play about freely in the pools.

We tried our damnedest to get a family picture at the base of the falls but Elly wasn't having it.

After a good relaxing time at the falls, we started our decent back to town and back to camp for lunch. Today was probably our laziest day, in terms of trails.

After lunch, we made our way out the length of the Last Dollar Road, hit pavement and be bopped around Ouray for a while.  

(You can see our camp in the center of the picture at the bottom.)

I loved driving through the Aspen groves.  The afternoon light made for wonderful shots.

In Ouray, we did some touristy shopping - hats, t-shirts and ice cream were bought.  I was less impressed with Ouray than I was with Silverton.  Silverton just does it right.

We made it back to camp at last light and I was able to snap a shot of the setting sun lingering on the distant mountains.

Dinner was made, and we relaxed for a while before turning in.

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