Monday, January 20, 2014

Who Says You Can't Camp in the Winter? Day 3

The wind picked up overnight.  Elly survived without having to defend camp from the ferocious fox stalker.  Our breakfast was quick as packing up camp would take a while….for ½ of us anyway.  Mike pitched in while I exercised the dogs before our journey home.  And pulled more cactus needles from Rommel's feet.

On the road, we ran into some adventurers of the retired age group.  They were thrilled with our camp rigs.

We saw cows.  Or as Elly thinks, big dogs.

Once past the rough stuff, we landed in a parking area and made sandwiches before hitting pavement and heading home.

Even with the windy days and cactus riddled paws, we had a great weekend.  I've been needing a weekend away.  Unplug, turn off the phone, forget TV and Facebook, shut out work woes and just exist outside to clear my head.  I didn't think about work - much.  I didn't miss my BlackBerry, or iPad. No one felt the need to fill the silence with needless talk.  Conversations were worthwhile and meaningful. The quiet times were welcomed.

We were thrilled to really test the teardrop.  It performed wonderfully.  I was impressed with how agile it was off road.  Mike was happy with how nicely the Jeep pulled it.  I'm over the moon with how easy setting up camp is.  With a few personal touches, it will be perfect.

And the best part of camping:

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