Friday, February 7, 2014

North Mountain Hike

I've been feeling fatigued lately, which I attribute to a sedentary office job. I've also been reading a book called AWOL on the Appalachian Trail (more on that later…). On the way home, during a perfect February afternoon, I decided I was going on a hike.

I dropped Mike off to Pete's to do boy stuff and took off with the dogs to North Mountain Park. Today was our first outing. I don't know the lay of the park, so I just parked and did a flat land hike with the dogs.

We did a three mile round trip hike, then played on the rocks for a bit.

I played with the settings on the Olympus.

I planted my butt on a rock and watched one of the most killer sunset's I've seen in a while.  Its been cloudy most of the week, and that leant itself to an amazing sky.

I was being whined at by both of the dogs.  It was getting late and they wanted to pick dad up.  So reluctantly I left the park for dinner with friends.  

This hike was just what I needed.  Fresh air and a clean mind.

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