Thursday, February 7, 2013

Upgrading the Jeep - AEV style

So we sold the Bronco.  Mike had to have a 1971 Bronco last summer and I agreed to indulge his whim.  Unfortunately he realized that it would take more money than he originally thought it would to get ti to where he wanted it.  On top of his work-in-progress-Chevelle, KTM, camp trailer....just too many irons in the fire. We decided to put any profit made into the Jeep.

So now I got to indulge.  We did some research on bumpers.  I wanted steel bumpers that were chunky and looked in the same manner as my stock ones.  We decided on AEV.  American made, quaility, and estecially what I was looking for.  The rear bumper came equipped with a tire carrier that swings with the talgate, as well as built in water tanks.  That's right, I can carry 10 gallons of water in my rear bumper.  We got a high lift mount with the option of carrying a pull pal if we ever get one.

Note Rommel helping Mike.  I guess he is taking on the role of supervision.  The front bumper has a Smittybilt winch with enough capacity to pull the Jeep + the weight of the trailer. 

I wanted to do a build report, but someone got excited and put the 2.5" AEV lift on while I was at work.  The mass majority of the front bumper build was done at night in the driveway and I kept busy with miscellaneous work in between helping with the rear bumper.  

But once the 2 day project of installing both bumpers and the Rock Hard 4x4 skid plates, we went to the back lot to try it out. As happy I am with how the bumpers look, I'm thrilled about the skid plates.  Super beefy steel to protect the undercarriage of the Jeep.  Jeep didn't take any consideration into protecting the underbelly of their premier off road vehicle. 

Of course the dogs felt the need to show off their handy work.  Its tough laying around watching mom/dad sweat in the driveway.  I'm super exited with how it looks and can't wait to take it out on a trail to get dirty.

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