Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 3: Rest Day

Morning broke but the chilll from the night before stayed long into the morning. The girls (Elly and Meeka) being of the short haired variety were none too pleased with the temperature.  They are Arizona dogs, through and through.  Rommel has more insulation against the cold.

Elly was moody...

We talked about moving camp to a more secluded location, but ultimately we ended up keeping this as our home base for the remainder of our time in Silverton.

After breakfast, the boys packed up and headed to Durango to pick up a new leaf spring for the trailer.  Gilligan's Island began because the 3 hour jouney ate up the entire day.  Mandy and I cleaned up from breakfast and hiked to the water fall streaming down near our campsite.  Due to the elevation, this took much longer and wore us and the dogs out.

Meeka is a tough dog to photograph as she is a busy body and a wanderer.  But mine are used to me pretending to be a photo journalist.

The wild flowers were in bloom and made for a pretty hike.

Post hike, we lounged, had lunch, showered in the heat of the afternoon sun (temps barely in the 70's) and waited for the boys to return.  Rommel took full advantage of the mountain stream and either played or lounged in its cool waters most of the afternoon. 

Mandy and I decided we needed to run to town to buy and modify kids sweatshirts for the girls.  They were downright miserable the night prior, shaking and shivering in the evening.

Once the boys returned, we headed out while they made their repairs. We returned with sweatshirts in hand (among other odd trinkets and clothes).  Another tastey foil dinner was made (seriously, look them up.  Super yummy), a fire was started and relaxation ensued.  Tomorrow is planned to be a long day of trails.....

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