Monday, June 4, 2012

Overland Expo 2012

May 17, 2012
Four of us piled into the truck, dogs in back, trailer in tow. Phoenix was beyond its boiling point and we pointed the nose of the truck northbound towards cooler temperatures and higher elevations.
The campground was filling but everyone was cordial and thoughtful. Dogs abounded everywhere, not a poor temperament in site. The winds graciously waited for us to set up the trailer prior to unleashing their fury. I ignored the wind advisory hoping that they would miss Mormon Lake and give us a pleasant weekend.

Friday proved me wrong. Gale force winds pounded the campers and vendors maliciously, akin to a dry hurricane. We prevailed and meandered the stalls hoping for adventurous equipment. AEV brought out the four door Brute for me to lust over.

Rommel liked the shade the Brute provided for him.

All in all, the vendors were geared towards the extreme overlanders who have an abundance of money and time. The small vendors of two years past couldnt afford the fees and stayed put soaking up the Internet sales instead. I was disappointed. I was expecting much more. We made the best of it, looked for ideas and chatted with like minded individuals. We ended up with maps of Utah, a trasharoo, and a new supply of tshirts and hats.

Pretty Farkles!

Saturday was much of the same.

It was worth it to just get away, camp and escape the summer temperatures of home.
We traded towering pine trees and lush green mountains for saguaro cactus and peaks reminiscent of a Martian landscape. Traffic thickened as we left behind the twisting mountain roads and entered the bowels of Phoenix. The temperatures soared into the 100's prior to lunch and the dogs were longing for the cool breezes and small lakes left behind.

Real life beckoned: our adventures must be funded somehow.

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