Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beta Testing the Jeep Trailer Day 1

Day 1 Left Casa Grande by 0630 and the temperatures were already starting to rise. Grabbed a quick bagel in Chandler and headed northbound. We had no plan. No stopping point. Just north out of the heat. We hit the 60 and gassed up in Globe. Just outside of town is a small dam. The dogs had had enough driving and needed a break. Water is always a welcome activity for Rommel. He ran, romped, splashed and swam.  The plan was to test the trailer. Every aspect of it, including being liberal with our water usage so we decided to do a quick rinse on the dogs.  Both fuses blew leaving us powerless. Back to the Wally-World in Globe for bigger fuses.  After the quick repair, we were on our way on 188 up and over the mountain.  Surprisingly the temperatures did not drop like we anticipated. At 6300 feet, it was still 99 degrees. This would not be out camping spot.  We crested the mountain and landed in the small town of Young. Young's population tripled with the addition of the NFS firemen who are using it as an outpost for the fire they are fighting in the nearby mountains.  The citizens of Young placed signs throughout the town showing their support for the firemen.  We hoped to blaze up 288 towards The Mogollon Rim, but due to the fires, the road was closed.  We did something stupid and unheard of.  We trusted the in dash GPS. HUGE mistake. It routed us down NF-129 to NF-133. Basically a grated forest road to.....a wagon trail.  It was 10 miles in four low, bumpy climbs and descents.  The trailer was being tested.  Hell the Jeep was being tested.  And it performed magnificently. We, on the other hand, were frustrated, tired and beat.  We stopped to water the desert and realized we were on top of a ridge, it was 83 degrees, the sun was setting and the camping spot was perfect. Within 30 minutes, the tent was deployed, dinner was cooked and being enjoyed by sunset.  Perfect. It's true what they say; the journey is the reward.  We showered, a nice warm shower, reflected on the trials we put the Jeep and trailer through and turned in.

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