Sunday, January 22, 2017

RockMonster Run

Mike and I have been talking about hitting RockMonster for a while now.  We both used to frequent the Sonoran Desert National Monument daily for work.  It's been several years and we yearned for an adventure in our backyard.

I hit up our new JeepFriends and had a few takers for today's adventure, including our AdventureFriends in their FJ.  So there we were, a big white PowerWagon leading a line of Jeeps and a FJ.  It looked like pop was out taking the kids for a stroll.

This time, I drove my Jeep too, so there are less photos.

We peaked RockMonster (no that is not it's name, but one we gave it), and were disappointed.  I think they've done maintenance since the last time we were out here and it made the jaunt up to the peak kinda bland.  But we did have amazing views for lunch!

The weather was incredible, the company killer and the trail a blast.  We popped out at Big Horn and made our way back east.  A quick pit stop to air up and we parted ways.

It's so awesome to have connected with a group of people who love to explore and get out as much as we do.

Link for video in case embedding fails.

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