Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Its New Year's Eve in Arizona.  And Elly threw up four times.  I thought we'd be stuck to the couch with a sick dog, but she bounced back after a long nap and insisted on an excursion.  I loaded them up (including the old man) and took the last walk of 2013.

I made a concerted effort to get a full canine family photo…and failed.  I read an old blog post by Exercise Finished that sums up perfectly how much of a pain in the ass taking dog photos can be.  It was hilarious - read it.  Bear is the WORST dog to get pictures of.  But I did manage a few good shots of him.

I didn't stray far from the Jeep as the sun was setting pretty quickly.  Plus, the old man can't walk that far/long.  But we played loads of fetch.  Elly is an amazing linebacker.

And patiently waits to grab his tail and PULLLLLLL

This is the closest I got to a family picture.  And it sucks.

I still don't know all the settings on my camera yet, so I switched to the "runner" mode when the light got really low.  It worked out wonderfully.  Although it did make Captain Slow look like he was breaking speed records.

My boys.  Bear stood still long enough to actually get a picture of him!

I sat down as the sun set even farther.  Elly instigated a game of chase with Bear.  Which consisted of her running laps around him.

Then she took off like a rocket after Rommel.

All of the running caught up to both of them and they milled around the Jeep.  

I was quickly running out of light and my shutter was taking longer and longer to close.  A few more silhouettes and we loaded up for home.

Happy New Year! May your 2014 be full of adventures and discovery!

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