Saturday, September 14, 2013

Teardrop Build

So we checked on our Teardrop build today.  As mentioned before, during our last trip to Colorado, Mike and I talked and planned and thought about how to redo our existing camp trailer.  Mike built it last summer and it served us well.  The more we thought about it, the more we leaned towards a 4x4 teardrop.  Luckily for us, there is a local builder for the SoCal Teardrop. John, of Canyon Country Teardrops lives a measly 40 minutes away.  We have been able to stop by and check out his current builds to scheme up what we wanted on ours.

Aside: Pete and Mandy bought our trailer from us and I'm excited to see how they modify it.

Late last month, John picked up our trailer and all its bits and pieces and began putting it together.  John  (and SoCal) have been great.  We've added 10 inches to the length to the trailer. No problem, they said.  We wanted a table.  SoCal says...probably not a good idea, but how about this... We wanted a cover for our water heater, which they didn't mass produce. No problem, they said.  They've been awesome.  The best part of SoCal, is everything is made in house.  They make the chassis, body, tables, doors, etc.  Its made in the USA baby!

So we're excited.  What's even better, is John welcomes us to stop by and check it out.  And we did just that today.  John has the kitchen completely built, just not installed.

(excuse the crappy iPhone pics)

All of the accouterments are laying in his living room, awaiting install.

The body is mostly together.

There's John, explaining the build to Mike.

The doors are skinned.

The chassis is complete and just waiting for the box to go on.

We left his house excited.  By next week, it should look more completed.  I've already started planning out curtains and storage solutions.  Hopefully by the end of October, we'll have our first camping trip in our completed Krawler.  

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