Saturday, August 3, 2013

Unfortunately Home Again

July 27, 2013

We were all reluctant to head home.  We lazed around camp much longer than we should have.  Everyone of us took a shower to help deplete the water supply and make for an easier trip south.  Mandy and I prepped lunch for later, since we knew we had about 500 miles to cover today.

Its funny how recognizable Arizona is.  Of course, you are greeted with a sign at the state border, but the Arizona landscape is so distinct.  We cruised through several Reservations towards 89.

Storm clouds lingered around the peripheral all day.  There was no way we would avoid the rain all day.  Near Cameron, we hit it.  Or it hit us.  At one point, we could only see about 50 feet in front of the Jeep.  It was coming down hard.  We were smack in the middle of a monsoon.  The lightning show was incredible.  One strike landed less than a mile from us; the crack was deafening.  I tried and tried to get a shot through the windshield. But the only photo that came out was an accident.  We were driving next to an unused suspension bridge. Mike mentioned that he liked it so I took a picture....

Awesome! I love a good storm.  Driving through them doesn't faze me.  I would have preferred to sit under a porch and enjoy it, but it was invigorating to be in the thick of it.

Once we hit I-17, it became more difficult to find easy National Forest access.  We pulled into a small neighborhood and had a quick lunch in between storms.  The approaching clouds hurried us back onto the road.

Once we hit Flagstaff, the storms were long behind us.  We joined the hoards of weekenders heading back to Phoenix after escaping the heat for the weekend.  The temperature gauge slowly climbed the further south we went.  Our last fuel stop in Anthem was a stark reminder of what we left behind...104 at 7PM.

Once home, Mike and I stripped the trailer long into the darkness.  Better done now than in the heat of the day tomorrow.  Dogs were bathed and fed, and heaps of laundry and other miscellaneous items were strewn about the house. I was depressed.  Every time we go on vacation, it gets harder and harder to come back.

The four of us have begun discussion on where we will venture to next year.  Colorado again? Utah maybe?  We shall see.  Until then, we will venture out on weekend trips.  Can't wait for our new trailer! Stay tuned for that!!

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